Born 1903, La Tosca – situated in the heart of the Bassin d’Arcachon and considered as one ofthe best examples of Italian influenced “Arcachon Architecture”.  

She was built for Mr. Germain Cumenge, Prosecutor of the Republic in Bordeaux. The typical Italian style lodge he built resembles, still existing, houses in Arcachon Ville d’Hiver, but is unique in its spacious chambers, its vast terrain and beach front location.  

Before modern times, the authentic natural spring provided owners and guests with the purest drinking water. The spring water is eternally pressured from an 80 meters deep well, naturally filtered by layers and layers of rocks, soil and sand. 
Mr. Cumenge brilliantly succeeded in his career. He became District Attorney after which he pressed on to become First President of the Court of appeal. He and his family have left a legacy of importance to the region.

Since the family Cumenge, La Tosca was acquired in 1941 by the family Sainte Marie from Bordeaux before being cherished by Mrs. & Mr. Bardon, the bemoaned Mayor of Lanton. Mrs. and Mr. Bardon changed the name “La Tosca” to “Hurlevent”. 

The current owners of the estate have lovingly renovated the property and its 5000m2 
parks with great care and eye for detail... La Tosca has been given a new lease of life.