The Team


The Team

 Our highly trained, professional and motivated team look forward

to welcoming you to our property: 

At Villa La Tosca your comforts are assured and you are in capable hands.

Our combined skills alone provide five stars of comfort. 

A word from the Manager

"As a native of the Arcachon Bay, my family brought me up in the hospitality industry not far from the Villa.

I inherited my passion and sensitivity for guests from them. They educated me to be vigilant of the small details, in particular, making people feel as they are part of the family. What I learned from them is our standard here at Villa la Tosca and put into practice by all the team. We are the locals, and we can give you the educated, inside scoop on the best wine, gastronomy and activities – amongst all the other wonders to be enjoyed here. We assure you an authentic experience.

The first time I saw the villa I fell totally in love with its architecture, its location, Park and the ecological pool. There was nothing left to want!

Here, we are not individuals; we are all part of the same, Villa La Tosca, family. We all work hand in hand to provide the best service for our guests. 

Not only will you feel at home within our walls, but you will receive warm and generous care from our team, it’s all part of the service! "

A word from the Owners

"A warm welcome to a special place in Marc & Karin's heart and family. Marc’s family has been coming here for the last 4 generations… there was no road, no train… Only pine trees, the magnificent Sand Dune, and of course the amazing Bassin d’Arcachon, with its unique tidal phenomenon, known to have beneficial health properties. We are blessed that our region managed to keep most of its charm and authenticity until today.

We have restored Villa la Tosca with passion and we, as well as many families, have spent many harmonious and loving moments in her care. We hope you will feel it too, and that you may spend many memorable moments either with your business partners or with your loved ones.

We hope that you will feel at home at Villa La Tosca. May you enjoy your time spent with your family, friends or business partners in a place close to our hearts."

Karin & Marc.