5 Advantages A Private Villa Offers Over A Hotel

Thursday, 31 December 2015

“luxe, calme et volupté” ; those were the words by Pablo Picasso in the 1920’s. Now they are our words for Villa la Tosca. 
- Mr & Mrs S, Sweden.”

Most people put travel up there with the most important of life’s priorities; experiencing an alternative lifestyle, getting to know a new culture… it is a fascinating mixture of relaxation and exploration.

When it comes to planning memorable luxury accommodation, it can be bewildering. Private luxury villas (especially serviced private villas, like ours) offer a superior experience and a guarantee of privacy with your loved ones.


1. Tailored Experiences:
Let us do all the work. Forget about Google maps, forget about a rental car (until you get one delivered to the villa), forget about the uncertainty of what to do in a new place…  A 5 star property such as ours is well connected and well prepared to organise the best day trips, visits and even itineraries for your trip. You tell us your interests; we assure you have the best possible experience. For all experiences you will be in ultimate comfort throughout. 

A skilled Butler and Concierge will greet you arrival, to ensure that everything is taken care of during the whole experience. The Butler or concierge can have the personal driver at hand within minutes if you feel the urge to explore our wondrous region.

2. Private Chef vs. Restaurant:
Bored of the set menu or a-la-carte options? Make your own menu! How does a tailor-made 5 course meal sound? Our Skilled private chefs can cook your desires, make the decisions for you or even invite you along to the local farmers market to see how he selects the finest, freshest ingredients. Of course, in the Bordeaux region… it’s not only about the food… You will be in the privileged position to take advantage of our personal connections to the regions vineyards…

Our well-stocked wine cellar is a haven for wine aficionados and you are free to pair your wines as you please or trust us with our selections.

3. Excellent privacy:
Sharing is a very good concept, but when it comes to finding your true point of Zen, do we have to share with everyone? Not really. Should you be renting Villa La Tosca exclusively you will have to share with no-one. Our ecological swimming pool, garden, balconies, kitchen, communal area’s… they are all yours. You can enjoy a professional massage anywhere indoors or outdoors away from prying eyes.

We have century old stone wall surrounding our gardens and 24 hour security camera’s to ensure 100% privacy, we can even have personal security on-site should you desire.

4. Quiet, private strip of beach:
Remember those movies… the scenarios where the main characters can walk along the sand at sunset undisturbed by the world? Villa La Tosca is located right on the beach and we face on to some of the most amazing sunsets anywhere on the planet. Start the day with sun salutations or wander with a coffee cup to the sea shore...


Villa La Tosca offers something unique… very few places can offer the same serenity, certainly not a hotel where everyone has the same idea.

5. Value for money:
If you have a quick glance at the pricing of a private villa compared to a hotel room you may have a fright, but take a moment to do the sums and then reflect on the experience you receive for your money. In many cases it is cheaper per person to stay in our Luxury beachfront property than in other 5* hotels and you get us all to yourself!

There are very few hotels in the world where you can enjoy you own personal butler serving you your cocktail with your feet on your table… in a room oron a balcony that you choose…

Book your friends and family vacation at Villa La Tosca. Enquire now. www.villalatosca.com