7 reasons to visit Cap Ferret

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Cap Ferret appeals to us thanks to its authenticity and simplicity. It won’t change its identity even if it is becoming a rising star… So, what makes Cap Ferret so special? We give you 7 characteristics to help you better understand the magic spell of these lovely towns of the Arcachon Bay


1. Authenticity 

Be prepared to take a complete break… Cap Ferret is a complete different universe that brings you far from your daily routine. Here, you won’t see modern buildings, it has kept its long-lost charm with authentic wooden houses, lovely « huts » and also sumptuous villas « arcachonnaises » like Villa la Tosca. You just have to walk through the different towns (Le Canon, Piraillan or La Vigne) to realize how beautiful this place is. 


2. Adventure

On the Arcachon Bay, you get close again to nature….every single outing is a new adventure. Whether you prefer water sports like sailing, surfing and paddling, or aerial sports like paragliding on the Dune du Pilat (tallest sand dune of Europe, perfect for thrill-seekers), the Arcachon Bay is perfect for you. We’ve lost count of its activities and its main advantage is to be perfectly situated between the powerful ocean to surf and the peaceful bay to rest. For people who prefer to keep feet on the ground, you’d be seduced by the numerous cycling roads, tennis courts and golf courses the Cap Ferret has to offer, not to mention the magical horseback rides on the beach at sunset. Everybody finds what they want! Just ask and our team will be pleased to advice you for your stay with us.   

3. Friendliness 

When you think about Cap-Ferret lifestyle, the first thing that strikes your mind is sharing moments with your family and friends… like in the movie « Les Petits Mouchoirs » where a group of friends gathered and enjoy life to the rhythm of tides and aperitifs… Enjoy real moments of happiness at Villa la Tosca or at oyster-farmers huts where you are served tasteful oysters or other seafood with a glass of white wine right on the beach


4. Simplicity

No need to wear your most expensive dresses and high-heel shoes…at the Cap-Ferret the dress code is: simplicity. Just feel relaxed in your outfit…a short with a light shirt and espadrilles are perfect for you to fit-in with the locals from Cap Ferret and Bordeaux.


5. Tradition

If you want to eat local, come to the Cap-Ferret! The daily market has a wide range of fresh local produce and will cater to every single desires… from Caviar d’Aquitaine to the famous dessert « Dunes Blanches »...not to forget the freshly caught fish from that morning. Enjoy cooking your fresh groceries in our kitchen or ask our private chef to cook for you!


6. Serenity 

You need to take a break to evade the noise and the city?! You want calm and a semi-private beach where neighbours won’t disturb you?! At Villa la Tosca, your only direct neighbours will be squirrels jumping from trees to trees. We are lucky enough to benefit from the calm of the Bay and the sound of cicadas during summertime. For restful & relaxing holidays to resource yourself, you’ve chosen the right place!


7. Discretion

At last, if the Cap-Ferret is able to keep its identity, it's above all thanks to its discretion. And it is far from changing; it doesn't want to and it can't... the Bay is inaccessible to big yachts and there is only one road to reach the Bay... The Cap-Ferret will always keep its identity,authenticity and its charm... and that is why it is a superstar against all odds.