Choose our expansive property for wedding celebrations, honeymoon, anniversary or parties

 in a private compound on the beach.

Villa La Tosca is an idyllicvenue suited to guests who would like to enjoy the best of the best in a luxuryyet authentic accommodation with outstanding service, and create uniquememorable magic moments and unusual wedding experiences. It is a luxuryproperty Made-In-Love by the current owners. Villa La Tosca, considered to beone of the best examples of Arcachon Architecture with an Italian influence,was built in 1903. This sensitive renovation has been executed with love, greatcare and eye for detail.


2024 is the year of renewalwith this new project “Yuliaen” who will offer in addition to our magnificientVilla an inovative space for your party and additional rooms.

More than a simple bulding, wewanted to highlight materials related with the Arcachon Bay. In aeco-responsible spirit, merging narural and organic shapes, we want to bringyou creative solution to offer a unique atmosphere in the world in connectionwith well being.

We offer you a real experience around the “Marriage better being” mixingworkshops for our newlyweds, your families, and friends.


Because well-being also involves the plate, we offer a vegetable and marinemenu highlighting local & seasonal products. The Bassin d'Arcachon and itsregion will once again be highlighted thanks to the creativity of our Chefduring this gastronomic, healthy and gourmet experience.

At 2&5 minutes’ walk from Villa la Tosca there are very pleasant hotelsthat can accommodate your other guests (very reasonable room prices).

Do not hesitate to contact Aurélien or Laetitia for more information!

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