Terms and Conditions

Hospitality Services SARL (HSS) offers short-term rentals for Private Boutique Hotel La Tosca in Lanton, France. The person paying for the rental (hereafter referred as to “the guest”) is booking the room and agrees to abide by the following Rental Conditions.

Please find hereafter an extract of our Terms and Conditions, which are an integral part of our General Terms and conditions that are available upon request.

1. Use

The premises are intended for residential, entertainment and/or seminar use only. They shall never become the guest’s main residence, which shall remain the address indicated earlier herein.

2. Rates

Prices are quoted in Euros (€) and valid for 2 persons per room.

Price includes:
• Government VAT
- 7% for 2013
- 10% for 2014
VAT percentage may change upon government decision
• Internet
• TV with English & French channels, collection of movies available in every room (except in
La Petite Tosca)
• Free onsite activities: Boules, Croquet, Table Tennis, Football Table, Trampoline, Volley
Ball, Canoes, Cycles (4x)

3. Time

• Check-in 14H00
• Check-out 11H00

4. Booking

A security deposit of thirty percent (30%) of the total rental is payable at the time of booking.

Confirmation of a booking will be effective only when this payment has been received.

5. Payment of the Balance

On arrival

6. Cancellation

NO REFUND will be made for cancellation.

7. Security Deposit & Insurance

We will require a credit card authorization for the purpose of security deposit (30% of total Rental) and damages. 

10 Allée du Bassin, 33138 Lanton Tel: + 33 556.60.29.86 Fax: +33 556.26.38.15
Email: enquiries@privateboutiquehotelbordeaux.com - www.privateboutiquehotelbordeaux.com

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The guests are required to have “Civil Liability Insurance” and take full responsibility for any damages during their stay. You agree that HSS has right to hold the credit card details during your (guests) stay and 48 hours after check out. HSS will check the condition and contents of the
room and will notify the guests within 48 hours for any additional cleaning costs or charges for damages for which the guest is liable. The guests agree that HSS will be entitled to recover amount of all claims with respect to any additional cleaning cost and/or damages caused by the guests to the room from the credit card.

8. Alterations & Amendments by HSS
Although it is unlikely that HSS will have to make any changes to confirmed arrangements, it may occasionally happen and HSS will advise the guest at the earliest possible date. If for any reason beyond its control, including force majeure, HSS should be unable to provide the guest with the room that the guest has booked; HSS reserves the right to transfer him, upon agreement, to a similar room. However, if it is not possible or the Guest does not wish to be transferred, HSS will cancel the booking and refund the amount on a prorata basis if any. HSS will not be liable for any further obligations or claims by the guest. Similarly, in the unlikely event of any advertised amenity, equipment or service are unusable during the tenancy due to force majeure or any
other reasons, HSS will not be liable.

9. Behavior

The person paying the rental of the room is responsible for correct and decent behavior of his/her party. Guests are requested to be careful of noise, loud music, particularly between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. Should guests or his/her party behave in an indecent or incorrect manner based on civilized standards or requested by police, they may be asked to vacate the property with no

The guest agrees to use his best endeavors to comply with the instructions of HSS’s representative or the local authority for the proper usage of the property and its facilities. The guest shall exercise reasonable diligence in preventing damage or other loss, including without limitation, locking doors and windows when absent from the property or advising HSS
representative, maintaining the secrecy of the electronic entry codes.

10.Errors, Omissions, Prior Bookings, Change & Withdrawal without Notice

The descriptions of locations and accommodations are provided in good faith and in the belief that they are accurate based on the latest information received. However, HSS declines all
responsibility for any modifications made by third party. Rental offerings are subject to errors, omissions, prior bookings, change, withdrawal without notice, and approval of the guest and acceptance of contract by HSS. Photos of properties are non-contractual and will not be recognized as basis for any claim. They are intended to give a general idea of the appearance and
atmosphere of the room and serve no other purpose.


HSS is not responsible for any physical injuries caused to the guest and/or party members during their stay at the room. It is, therefore, highly recommended that guests purchase comprehensive travel insurance prior to their trip according to French Law. HSS is not liable for any loss,
damages or inconvenience of the guests caused by anything beyond its control. HSS is not liable for any temporary defects or stoppages in supply of electricity, gas, water, plumbing or telephone services. In case there are any defects in the room, or any breakdown in the equipment, plant, machinery or appliances, the guest should notify HSS representative immediately so that arrangements for repair or replacement can be made as soon as possible.
The guest agrees not to hold HSS responsible or liable for any acts or outcomes connected with their use and occupancy of the room, including but not limited to injuries, damages and losses
from fire, theft and criminal activity. The guest agrees to hold HSS harmless from any claim from 10 Allée du Bassin, 33138 Lanton Tel: + 33 556.60.29.86 Fax: +33 556.26.38.15
Email: enquiries@privateboutiquehotelbordeaux.com - www.privateboutiquehotelbordeaux.com

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other members of the guest's party and accepts the sole responsibility for any loss, damage, or inconvenience of other members of their party, family, or guests.


i. Pets: No pets are allowed inside the premises. They are allowed to stay outside except ifthose pets are small and usually live indoors. To avoid any doubt, only animals under 3 KG
are authorized.

In case, the guest does not get a pre-approval for pets before arrival, HSS or its representative reserves the right to refuse full entry and access of any animals to the room and/or the property.
ii. Smoking: Our rooms and/or property are smoke free. If you have any special need, please advise us at the time of booking.
iii. Alterations to fixtures: Under no circumstances shall the guest alter the existing electric, gas and water fixtures and fittings within the rented premises. The guest, hereunder, commits to immediately repair at his/her own expense the damages incurred by the misuse
of any of said fixtures and fittings.

The guest shall refrain from throwing anything into the washbasins, showers, bathtubs, bidets, sinks or toilets, outdoor water features and basins which might block the pipes or alter their normal working conditions. Should (s)he fail to do so, the guest will have to pay for the repair and reconditioning of the damaged equipment.

13.Legal Framework - Jurisdiction

The tenancy herein is bound by the sole terms and conditions of the present agreement and by the applicable provisions under articles 1712 to 1762 of the French Civil Code.

For the enforcement of the presents and their consequences the Parties elect domicile as follows: HSS, at the home address indicated earlier herein and the guest, before and after the
tenancy, at the home address indicated earlier herein, and, at the premises’ address during the tenancy.

HSS and the guest agree to make all reasonable efforts to resolve any disputes, before turning to other possible sources of resolution. Should a dispute between the guest and HSS be not resolved through a friendly settlement, the place of jurisdiction would be Bordeaux, France

14.Privacy Policy

All personal information supplied will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy. By completing your booking you consent to your information being processed and handled in accordance with our privacy policy which may be viewed at Privacy Policy.


In the case of any problem or complaint, it is necessary that the guest informs HSS at the earliest opportunity. Complaints can be sent in writing via the following email address: complaints@privateboutiquehotelbordeaux.com

All complaints must be referred to HSS; who will promptly and fully investigate the matter and ensure that corrective action is taken if the complaint is found to be substantiated.